Purge the Biggest Offenders from Your Diet

Purging the top offending food contaminants from your daily menu will go a long way toward improving your health.  Challenge is they are everywhere!  Additives in processed foods, antibiotics and hormones in animal products, pesticides and GMOs (also referred to as Genetically Engineered, GE), no wonder cancer and “disease” are at an all time high […]


Why Everyone Should Eat Chocolate

  I love chocolate and especially, dark chocolate.  Not just the taste, but the health benefits that go along with it.  The higher up the dark scale the better.  Yup launch yourself with 70% dark cacao or higher and skip all the sugar to feel and look amazing.  The higher your percentage of pure chocolate, […]


Eat Some Chicken Soup

I have been hammering on the superfoods this season as they are one of my favorite “cheaters” when it comes to health.  They provide a blast of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, you name the beneficial ingredient, and you will find it in concentrated small doses through superfoods.  One I haven’t covered is a traditional chicken […]

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