Nutritional Supplements

For many people nutritional supplements can aid the body in its ability to repair.  We lead busy lifestyles and are resistant to slowing down.  Stress, fast food, and life, all take their toll on nutrient levels and impact our ability to purchase, prepare and eat a “balanced diet”.  That’s where supplements can play a role.  They can fill gaps in our diet or body functions that are degrading health.  Ideally, diet and exercise along with lifestyle changes could make the need for supplementation short-term.  

The real answer:   How much are you willing to accommodate your body’s requirements with true lifestyle changes?

I am advocate of quality.  I source from only reputable neutraceutical providers who offer the highest grade, purest ingredients in their products.  If the supplement is not bioavailable to your body, you have just wasted your money.   Supplements are a huge industry in our nation of malnutritious food.  Integrity of ingredients is everything.

Contaminants abound in the supplement industry just as they do in our foods. 
Labeling disclosures offer you little information on the following:

•  Is the nutrient bioavailable to my body?

•  Are the products tableted on a base free of allergens?

•  Do they utilize certified 3rd party labs for verification?

•  Is information on their company readily available?

•  Does the formulation offer a clinical strength as indicated on the label?

•  Are there undisclosed fillers in the products?

•  Are they sold primarily through health professionals who verify interactions?

•  Are they free of allergen additives like wheat, yeast, gluten, soy, artificial colors, and dairy?

•  Are there binders, fillers, shellacs or hidden coatings that could compromise integrity and effectiveness?

That is the short list of why I advocate purchasing only from a reputable source, or investing some time in homework to ensure you don’t exacerbate and existing problem.